By Chris SmithThe Biltmore Real Estate Association announced Monday that it would create “black and white” real estate agents and managers.The news comes just a week after Black Lives Matter activists in Portland, Oregon, held a march to protest police violence against African-Americans.Black Lives Matter protesters, who say that white police officers kill more black […]

CMA real estate sales hit record highs

The real estate market is back to where it was last year, as prices surged, the Federal Reserve lowered its key interest rate, and President Donald Trump signed legislation aimed at making it easier for companies to fire workers.Here’s a look at the most recent major news in the real estate sector.Here are some key […]

The Latest on Austin’s first house sale

The Austin real estate market is in a bubble, but there are some signs that buyers are ready to step up to the plate.A couple from South Korea who recently bought an $800,000 house for $2.3 million in the city’s booming downtown has set up a website to sell it on the same day as […]

I’m selling my house for $3.5 million

I’m going to go ahead and sell my house.My wife and I had been together for six years, and I just got pregnant.I’ve been married for three years.And after three years of marriage, we were ready to start a family.But our son had grown up so fast that I needed a place to stay for […]

Which country has the best real estate in Australia?

Posted May 16, 2018 05:53:25Australia is a country of high real estate prices, with an average price of $2.26 million per square metre.This makes Australia a relatively cheap country to live in, but not an easy one to live anywhere else in the world.We ranked Australia’s real estate based on factors like proximity, affordability and […]

What’s the difference between the estate tax and the estate deduction?

New York: The estate tax is a tax levied on the value of the estate (usually the value, not the property) of the deceased person or on the beneficiaries of the person.This tax applies to estates worth more than $5 million.The estate deduction is a separate tax levied upon the value and use of the […]

Why is the estate tax being repealed?

The estate tax was a tax levied on real estate assets that were acquired by the federal government, primarily to help fund national defense.It was repealed by Congress in 2021.The IRS estimated the repeal was worth about $30 billion.A recent Associated Press analysis of government records and congressional testimony shows the estate loss tax has […]

How to Survive the IRS Tax on Your Estate’s Sales Tax: Here’s How to Get Out of It

As a taxpayer, you must pay the full tax on your sale proceeds.The IRS will collect the sales tax on the sale proceeds at the same rate as your regular federal income tax.However, it may take a bit longer than that to collect the full sale tax on you.As a homeowner, you may also be […]

When the real estate agent has to answer to a different country

Real estate agents are struggling to maintain the public trust after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) released a scathing report detailing how the industry has been compromised by an entrenched corporate culture that promotes a culture of corruption.ASIC also revealed that the agency has received more than 200 complaints from individuals in Australia, […]

How to save a $500 million mansion

It’s a rare and beautiful estate that can be purchased for just under $500,000.But if the buyer has no idea what he or she is buying, how can they be sure the home will be worth their hard-earned cash?That’s the challenge faced by the homeowners association representing the buyer in a foreclosure case in the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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