Aussie man jailed for murdering family, girlfriend’s ex-husband’s ex, father-in-law’s ex

Aussie businessman Richard Wolff has been sentenced to 18 years’ jail after he killed his former wife’s ex and then her father- in-law. Wolff, 54, pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.The court heard Wolff killed his ex-wife, his ex’s husband, his father- and then his mother- in the couple’s […]

When a real estate company goes belly up, it’s time to sell – Investopedia

Investopi has released a comprehensive guide to the world of real estate investment trusts (REITs).In a post titled “Why is real estate investing a bubble?”, the website highlights several reasons why REITs have gone bust.It notes that a recent analysis by investment banking firm Fitch Ratings revealed that REIT assets are now worth about $3.4 […]

How to make a big money selling a woodland estate

I don’t have a clue what a “forest estate” is.What I do know is that there are some great things you can do to sell a woodland property.In addition to the real estate and tax advantages, I think there are a few other benefits to buying a woodland.One of the biggest benefits is that it’s […]

‘Denman Estate Park is going to be like Disneyland’: Landmark developer

Real estate mogul Frank Wolff has announced his plans to build a brand-new theme park in the heart of Denman Estate, the largest estate in the United Kingdom, in a bid to revive the estate’s reputation as an architectural gem. “I’m looking forward to the first week of August, when the park will open, as the […]

How real estate in America is changing for the better

Real estate is changing and so is the way we live, according to a new book titled How to Live Right.Published by New York Times bestseller author and journalist David Wolffer, the book tells the stories of five families who had it all in their own right.Wolffer’s book is the brainchild of Wolffer and his […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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