Which is the most affordable Florida home?

Real estate agents in Florida are telling customers to check their listings before buying.In fact, they’re recommending you check the price of your home before buying it.The Florida Real Estate Association says it’s been getting a lot of inquiries from realtors and buyers about the price they should pay for their property.It’s a topic that’s […]

Roederer: The Rams’ No. 3 pick is a top-10 QB on the board, per Robert Edwards

It’s easy to forget now, but Roederers quarterback prospect Nick Riederer was a highly touted recruit out of Central Michigan.But he was a first-round pick who was signed for a scholarship and never made it to the NFL.Riederers career has taken a turn for the worse since then, as he’s lost a step as a […]

The ‘gold standard’ for home buyers and sellers

A decade ago, there was little expectation that real estate listings would be worth more than they are today.Real estate listings today are worth nearly $2 trillion.But in the ’90s, when the bubble burst and there was no way to predict the future, the expectations of buyers and the expectations for sellers were so low […]

Wyoming real estate company faces SEC probe over unpaid wages

WYOMING — Wyoming Real Estate and Real Estate crm has been named as a defendant in a federal investigation into unpaid wages, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil lawsuit on Tuesday against Wyoming Real Properties, the parent company of the Wyoming Real estate and […]

How to sell the house you love for the right price

It can be tough to find the right home for someone.When you’re buying a house, the odds are good that you’re not going to be able to make it happen.Here’s how to figure out if your dream home is right for you.1.Look for your dream location There’s no right time to buy, but a good […]

Colorado is getting ready to sell homes for sale

The state’s real estate market is in a bit of a funk.The Colorado Real Estate Association reported in March that sales fell 8.9% from April to May.But according to a new report from the Colorado Bureau of Real Estate, that number is still expected to drop further in 2018.The report, released Monday, notes that sales […]

Which bar owners should be worried about the next housing crash?

Real estate owners in Delaware, Florida and New Jersey are being targeted by the real estate market, and it could be the biggest housing crash since the 2008-09 Great Recession.The big picture, however, is that the real value of the assets being offered in the marketplace is far from what is being advertised, according to […]

How to calculate your mortgage for your home?

With a mortgage payment and taxes due on your home, it can be tough deciding how much to pay.The answers depend on your income and your needs.Here are some things to consider before you make the final decision.How much do I need?Your mortgage is your financial commitment to the home you want to buy.If you’re […]

‘I am in tears’: Woman who lost her baby in house fire in London’s Canary Wharf says she is ‘shocked and devastated’

NEW YORK (AP) A woman who lost three children to a fire in her home and had to be rescued by firefighters says she was shocked and devastated by the incident.Amber Johnson, 30, said she was working in her basement apartment on Monday when she noticed smoke billowing out of a window near her bedroom.Johnson […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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