Real estate agents in Florida are telling customers to check their listings before buying.

In fact, they’re recommending you check the price of your home before buying it.

The Florida Real Estate Association says it’s been getting a lot of inquiries from realtors and buyers about the price they should pay for their property.

It’s a topic that’s gotten attention from the real estate industry as well, with more and more people seeking the cheapest homes in the state.

“We’re seeing a lot more real estate agents starting to be more transparent,” says Jeff Cusimano, president of the association.

“They’re getting the message that they can be more responsive to what’s going on.”

The real estate association is not alone in recommending you look into your home’s price before buying, as other real estate experts are starting to do.

The Real Estate Institute of Florida, for example, has been urging prospective buyers to check prices before purchasing a home.

It recommends you look at a home’s exterior, including interior paint, the size of the house, the location, the design, and the style.

The institute also says it recommends looking at a property’s condition, including repairs and other problems that could impact your investment.

The group also says if a home has a built-in air conditioning system, it could be worth more to look at.

It says a home with a built in air conditioning may not be as well insulated as one that has one, so it may be worth buying.

“If you want to buy a home that’s insulated, look at it before you buy,” says Laura Ritchie, the institute’s vice president of marketing.

“It’s not something that’s going to go away.”

Some experts say that is what people are doing.

“The more people are finding out the truth about what the real price is, the better they will be at making the best decisions,” says Dan Stahl, president and CEO of the Florida Association of Realtors.

He also says realtor websites like are starting now to help people with their buying decisions.

“This is just an exciting time in the realty market.

People are learning about real estate and looking at it as a way to make their own decisions,” he says.

The realtor’s group has also encouraged homeowners to consider the types of properties they would like to buy, such as condos, single family homes, and townhouses.

“There’s a lot that people can learn from this,” says Stahl.

“I think that’s what we’re seeing in real estate.

There’s a really good chance they’ll come out of this with a better understanding of their options.”