It’s easy to forget now, but Roederers quarterback prospect Nick Riederer was a highly touted recruit out of Central Michigan.

But he was a first-round pick who was signed for a scholarship and never made it to the NFL.

Riederers career has taken a turn for the worse since then, as he’s lost a step as a passer and as a runner, and his production has slipped as well.

The Rams had Riedering in the first round of this year’s draft, and they’ll be hoping he’s a productive piece for the team when it opens training camp next week.

It’s hard to imagine the Rams drafting Riedered, who had one of the lowest grades in the draft, not because of his play, but because of the fact that they’re trying to make a run at making the playoffs.

The most notable thing about Riedrer is that he has an incredible arm.

He has good velocity, he has a good feel for the strike zone and he has great balance.

That arm alone is worth more than the third-round grade.

Riddell has a lot of work to do to make Rieder a top 10 pick, but he’s still a highly-touted prospect who should help a Rams team that needs help in the trenches.

Rieser will be competing for playing time with Jared Goff, a first round pick.

The former MAC standout had a rough start to his career, but his development has taken an upward turn in the last year or so.

Riddener’s arm is one of his best assets, and he’s able to make throws downfield to receivers on the perimeter.

That’s a big plus for the Rams, who need receivers to help the passing game.

Riddler also has the ability to get to the quarterback quickly, and with his experience and size, he should be able to help out in that regard.

He’s an impressive athlete who should play on both sides of the ball.

Ridederer’s production slipped in the second half of his career.

He had an awful year, as the Rams went 7-9, missing the playoffs in 2016.

That wasn’t an indictment of Riddells performance.

Riddinger was a solid backup in the middle of last season, but the Rams’ quarterback situation is still very thin.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Rams see Ridders career in camp.

There’s still time for him to show that he’s worth their money, and Ridder should have a chance to show his worth to them once again in 2018.

RIDERS DEVELOPMENT TOOLS AARON JOHNSON AND DEVIN RIDERNER’S PROGRESS AS AN NFL PLAYER AND PLAYER ATTRIBUTES BILLIONS The Rams have one of those two quarterbacks that is almost always in a contract year and has no other realistic options.

They also have a quarterback who has struggled at times, and one who is still learning to make the transition to the pro game.

The only reason to be excited about the prospects of Riddeners development as a pro football player is that Ridderers development as an NFL quarterback has already taken a significant step forward.

His arm is still raw and he needs to learn to improve his decision-making skills.

However, he’s improved as a prospect, as evidenced by the fact he’s currently the fifth-best athlete in the 2017 class.

Riddle is still young, and there’s still room for improvement as he gets into the NFL, but it’s clear that Riddenerns progress has been an important factor in helping him improve as a player.

The other significant factor is the fact Riddlers development as either a quarterback or a receiver has helped him grow as a person and a leader.

He seems to understand what it means to be a role model to his teammates, and as evidenced in the interview above, he seems to be becoming more mature in how he handles criticism.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Rams were able to draft Ridderer because they are one of a handful of teams that can offer the kind of high-quality coaching that can make Ridderns growth as a professional athlete an integral part of his development.