Airbnb has been one of the hottest properties on the market in recent months, and now it has unveiled a new way of ranking listings on its platform.

With its new ranking algorithm, Airbnb is targeting the best listings for its listings, rather than the cheapest ones.

The company has used the new algorithm to rank more listings for listings in its home market, which Airbnb said has the largest number of listings.

Airbnb says it is the first to launch such a ranking algorithm in its market.

According to the Airbnb website, the new ranking system will help Airbnb make more accurate and relevant recommendations to its guests.

The new algorithm is aimed at helping Airbnb, a startup, to attract more guests in its real estate markets.

Airbnb said the new system has been rolled out to select and rank more than 1 million listings on the platform in its homes market.

The algorithm will also allow Airbnb to identify more properties that are available in its markets that have higher potential to be rented.