A lot of big-name investors are investing in the city, but some of them are also betting big on real estate in the New York metropolitan area.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which tracks the success of a group of wealthy New Yorkers, is predicting that real estate will become the city’s most important asset class.

In addition to Manhattan and Queens, the index projects that the area’s wealthiest individuals will be spending a total of $1.9 trillion in the next decade.

The report comes amid an intensifying push by developers to develop the region’s biggest asset, its skyline.

The boom will also make New York the most expensive place in the world to own real estate by 2025, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, a list compiled by real estate research firm Zillow.

This is based on the assumption that New York City will continue to be a center of the nation’s capital economy for the foreseeable future, which means it will become a major driver of job growth, economic growth and the country’s wealth, according the report.

While this is a long-term projection, the Bloomberg index does predict that the city will become “one of the world’s most valuable and stable places to live,” and the top 10 cities by realtor values in the U.S. are already all located in the boroughs.

A look at some of the other New York properties that could benefit from this investment boom:The Bloomberg index also shows that New Yorkers are looking at their financial futures more strongly than ever.

While they’ve been paying a high price for their houses, the median homeowner has saved $30,000, and the median mortgage is down by $500 in the past decade, according a survey by real-estate broker Zillows.

The index also predicts that homeownership rates in the Bay area will reach their lowest levels since 2007, according an analysis of census data by Zillower.

But as more and more Americans move to New York, the borough will be home to many more people.

And that’s good news for the city: By 2030, New York is projected to have one of the highest homeownership levels in the nation.