NEW YORK (AP) A woman who lost three children to a fire in her home and had to be rescued by firefighters says she was shocked and devastated by the incident.

Amber Johnson, 30, said she was working in her basement apartment on Monday when she noticed smoke billowing out of a window near her bedroom.

Johnson said she rushed downstairs to see if her husband was hurt.

When she saw her husband lying on the floor with smoke coming out of his mouth, Johnson said, she ran upstairs and saw her children and husband, both deceased.

She was taken to the hospital, where she said she spent nearly a week recovering.

“I was in tears, because my heart was in my throat and my mind was spinning,” Johnson said.

“I was so overwhelmed and I was scared.”

Johnson said she is now working on a screenplay to tell the story of her children.

She said she has been in therapy for weeks and is trying to recover from the loss of her husband and children.

She said she wants to go back to the building and build a memorial to honor her three children and her husband.

Johnson said a neighbor told her the fire started on the second floor of her home, which is a four-bedroom home.

She moved out a few days later, but her family has not returned to the home.

“It’s scary and it’s devastating and it breaks my heart,” Johnson, who is from San Francisco, said.

The woman’s brother-in-law said she would have to get her life back together before she can return to the family.

“She’s going to have to make a decision about whether she wants the children to be with her or she wants them to be separated from her,” said her brother- in-law, Eric Siegel.

Siegel said Johnson was an accountant and a nurse.

His brother-law declined to be interviewed for this story.

Johnson is now living with her parents in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Chelsea.