In its design, the new Condo One condominium at 614 Broadway is a reminder of its humble origins.

But in the eyes of some real estate experts, its name could not be more different from the building it replaces.

The condominium is named after a real estate developer who opened it in 1929.

It’s now called Condo Two.

And the condo that replaces it, Condo Three, is the property of a family trust.

In fact, Condos Two and Three are just the latest condos in New York City to come to market without the owner’s name on the facade.

And they’re all different.

Here’s a look at some of the best condos in the city and how they came to be.

Read moreNew York City is a city of extremes.

A decade ago, when the city started to grow, condos were rare.

Today, condos are a rarity.

And for the first time, the city has two new condo buildings under construction: Condos One and Two.

At 614, Broadway, the neighborhood’s oldest, the condominiums are named for the developers of the original building.

The building, the first of its kind in the country, is owned by the family of John H. Miller, whose father, George Miller, is one of the city’s wealthiest people.

The condo’s original name, Condominium One, is now called a condominium that replaces the original.

In a letter to the media in 2011, the Condominium Foundation of New York announced the renaming.

The letter noted that Condos Three and Four, which is in the same building, are named after Miller’s brothers, Robert and James Miller.

Both Condos Four and Three were named after the developers, George and Margaret Miller, but the foundation says the family wanted the names to reflect their philanthropic work.

The new condos are part of a $30 million renovation of the Condos, which were once home to about 40 people, including Miller and his family.

The name change came about after a letter written by the foundation was forwarded to the owners of Condos Seven and Eight, which was demolished in 2015, the foundation said in a statement.

The foundation did not name the building, but said the building had “never been called a Condominium” before.

The original Condominium was built in 1929 by John H Miller and Frank H. R. Miller of the Miller Brothers, who were among the founders of the country’s first real estate firm.

In 1935, the brothers opened the first building on Broadway, which they named Condominium Seven.

It was a “stunning, elegant and handsome building,” the foundation wrote.

The building became the first in the United States to become a condopra of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

The Condos have been renovated and reopened since then.

They include a second building, Conditions Four and Five, which opened in the early 1990s and is the condo that replaces Condominium Eight, said Laura Pannaro, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan life insurance company.

The Miller brothers have also made a number of contributions to the city.

In 2014, they donated $30,000 to the Manhattan Borough Park Conservancy to pay for a park, Pannaros said.

In 2013, the family donated $500,000 in support of the City of New Yorkers’ Community Health Program, she said.

And in 2015 the family and the city donated $10 million in support to the New York State Department of Health, she added.

The real estate development also plans to make a $1 million donation to the Metropolitan State University Foundation to build a health and wellness center in the area, said spokeswoman Laura L. Schreiber.

Condos Three, Four and Seven have all received government subsidies, but Condos Eight and Nine are still under construction.

In addition, the Miller family has donated to the new building, Pang, the New Haven Register reported.

The buildings are among a handful of condos that have opened without the name Condos on the property.

In January, Condobox 2, a new condo at 638 Broadway, was renamed Condo Seven after the building’s developer, J.R. Miller & Co.

But Condos Nine and Ten are not new condos.

Condobux 2 opened in March, and Condobex 1 opened in July.

The developers say the name change is in keeping with the neighborhood and the condopreneurs who built them.

The condos will replace Condoblux 2 and Condomux 1.