A real estate agent has posted a video on Instagram saying it’s “not easy” to sell property online.

The video was posted on Tuesday, two days after the NSW government announced that it would introduce a $3,000 surcharge for buying a property through the website.

The surcharge applies to buyers of property in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and is aimed at increasing the number of properties sold online.

It has prompted backlash online, with some criticising the Government for not doing enough to reduce the cost of buying a home online.

“We are a small business and it’s hard to sell our business,” said Real Estate Agent Drew O’Brien on the video.

“So, it is our hope that we will get it on the table as soon as possible.”‘

No one can see it’When the NSW Government launched its $3 million NSW surcharge, it was estimated that 1,400 properties were on the NSW property market, which was up from an estimated 500 properties a year ago.

The government said the surcharge was to be used to “provide a fairer and more transparent environment for property buyers”.

“The new $3m NSW property surcharge is a direct response to the increased demand for property in the state, particularly in Sydney,” Minister for Local Government Rob Stokes said in a statement.

“The Government has already introduced the NSW Surcharge and NSW Local Government Property Price Index, which will increase NSW property prices by $2,000 in 2019-20.”

This will help increase the supply of properties in the city, which is vital for the growth of our economy.”‘

It’s just like the old days’A number of businesses and agencies have expressed concern about the surtax.

Real Estate Agent Dave Tompkins of the Sydney Real Estate Institute (SREI) said: “This is the kind of scheme that makes the old ways of selling property more expensive and difficult to sell.””

It’s like the new days, when people sell a house, they’re sold on a first come first served basis, they are not going to be able to buy it on a second come first serve basis.

“They’re just like, ‘This is what I’m going to do.

This is the best way to do it’.”‘

I have a problem with the government’Real Estate agent Drew O’ts video also sparked criticism from the Real Estate Council of NSW (RECNS) on social media.

“If a property is listed for sale, you have to prove that it is your own property,” said RECNS CEO Matt Kelly.

“It has to be your own home, your own office space, your property.

You don’t have to go into court.””

The NSW Government should consider putting this in place sooner rather than later,” Mr Kelly added.”

For too long the NSW Legislature has allowed the real estate industry to become a major source of revenue for politicians who want to enrich themselves at the expense of the commonwealth.””

This government has put itself on the same footing as the banks and insurance companies by making it more difficult for people to sell their property online,” Mr O’Hara said.”

You have to have an actual home that you own to buy property online.”‘

The NSW government needs to be responsible’Another business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said the Government’s scheme “could make people feel like the state of NSW has something to be ashamed of”.

“You don’t want to be in this situation and that’s the biggest problem I have with the NSW system,” the business owner said.”[The NSW surtax] has really hurt our business and we’re now going to go to court to try and get it lifted.”

That’s the most important thing, to get this out there and put some sort of deterrent in place.

It’s like, if you can’t sell your home online, what is the point of owning your own business?

“The NSW Attorney-General has previously said he will “work with” the real Estate Council to address the issue.”

I’m absolutely committed to making it easier for people with properties online to sell and I will be working with the realisation industry to make it easier,” Attorney- General Scott Emerson said.

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