The rush is on.

You can expect to see the festive spirit in your neighbourhood as the festive season hits.

But in some areas, like Melbourne, the season is in the air.

The city’s Christmas shopping season starts on Friday and is expected to reach peak numbers in January.

Here are five things to keep in mind as we approach Christmas shopping.


How to get there The main routes to Melbourne are Melbourne Tramways and Melbourne Trams.

The first stop is the CBD, which is the main thoroughfare to the CBD.

The other stops are the suburbs and the city.

Take the M1 for about 1.5 kilometres, which takes you into the city centre and stops at the Opera House.

Once you get there, the city will be the furthest place to see crowds in full swing.

But be careful not to take too many people to a party at the city’s popular pubs, because some have become crowded during the holiday season.

You may also want to visit the northern suburbs and catch a train to the east for the Christmas holiday.

You should also check out the northern beaches, which have seen huge crowds since the holiday.

The beaches of Port Hedland are also packed with holidaymakers during the festive period.

The beach is a popular spot for families and those wanting to relax in the shade.


How much to spend?

Melbourne is known for its big Christmas market, which includes the largest shopping centre in the country.

The Melbourne Tramps and Trams are also popular tourist attractions, which will give you plenty of time to explore the city and the suburbs.

The M1 runs from Bondi Junction to the Opera, with stops at The Swan, Victoria Square, Queen’s Park and The City.

You will need to pay between $1,300 and $1.6, depending on the time of day and time of year.

The tram system is also a good choice for the kids.

There are also bus stops and bike racks available at the main shopping and entertainment centres, and you can take a tram to the Melbourne Zoo and Botanic Gardens.

You’ll also find bus stops at Melbourne’s main shopping precincts, and some of the city is well lit by streetlights during the Christmas period.


When to go?

If you’re heading out to the Christmas markets, you should definitely avoid the night market in the city, which attracts a crowd of up to 1,000 people.

This is a place where you will see lots of cars and lots of alcohol, and is a very busy place for kids and adults.

The best time to visit this market is early in the evening and late in the morning, as the crowds are much more subdued during the holidays.

However, if you are in the CBD during the week and need to be out by dusk, you can head to The Grand Parade, which features a massive crowd of around 20,000.

It is a great place to shop and relax during the busy period.


Where to eat?

Melbourne has a large food scene, with an impressive selection of eateries, bars and cafes.

The area around The CBD has been dubbed the “bread city”, with more than 30 eateries and bars opening throughout the year.

There is also the Melbourne Hotel, a shopping and dining destination in the heart of the CBD and a must-see for visitors.


Where not to go?: While you are out in the suburbs, you may find yourself in one of the many pubs and clubs in the Melbourne CBD.

There’s also a thriving restaurant scene and many of the more popular bars are now open during the weekends.

While you can still go to bars and restaurants in the inner suburbs, they are generally much quieter and less crowded than in the rest of the country, and there are plenty of bars and eateries around Melbourne that will have something for everyone.