Aussie businessman Richard Wolff has been sentenced to 18 years’ jail after he killed his former wife’s ex and then her father- in-law. 

Wolff, 54, pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The court heard Wolff killed his ex-wife, his ex’s husband, his father- and then his mother- in the couple’s home in Melbourne’s north-east. 

The former partner, a former Australian Labor MP, had lived with Wolff in the Adelaide suburb of Chatswood before their divorce.

The former father-of-two is the second of two brothers.

The court was told Wolff admitted murdering his mother and her boyfriend, who he was allegedly involved with before killing his wife and then killing his father.

“It is the prosecution’s submission that Mr Wolff’s conduct at the time of the murder was deliberate, premeditated and calculated,” prosecutor Michelle Bickford said.

“Mr Wolff is now responsible for his acts and it is clear from the circumstances of the incident that he is remorseful of his actions.”

“He has not yet been offered any assistance or counselling by the NSW police or any other NSW law enforcement agency.”

Wolffe pleaded guilty in July to three counts of murdering his former partner’s ex husband and then murdering his father and stepfather.

The trial continues.

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