A Utah realtor is accused of sending a woman homeless after she asked him to let her move into his apartment, an allegation the Utah attorney general says is being investigated.

In a press release, Attorney General Sean Reyes said the investigation into a January 1, 2017, incident involving a woman who said she was moving into a Utah apartment and was being harassed by an owner-operator, found “the tenant had no valid right to occupy the property” and a breach of contract.

Ms Reyes said Utah law states property owners can evict tenants and take their belongings if they don’t have a valid lease.

“The law does not allow for the use of eviction to evict someone from their home without a valid eviction order,” Ms Reyes stated in the press release.

“That means that a tenant who has lived in an apartment for several months cannot be evicted without a court order.”

Ms Reyes did not say if any criminal charges would be brought against the woman or her husband.

The release said the woman and her husband have not yet been contacted by law enforcement.

Ms Meehan said he did not receive a copy of the press conference release, but he did comment on it.

“I was very disappointed that the Attorney General’s office is trying to push an agenda by targeting my client and making unfounded allegations about my client,” Mr Meehan said in a statement to ABC News.

“This is yet another example of how the Attorney-General’s office operates under the guise of protecting Utahns property rights.”

Ms Meeshan has represented several homeless women, including the one who was allegedly harassed by Ms Reyes, and is well known in the real estate community.

She said she is “devastated” by the allegations.

Ms Sisley said Ms Mersley has “been a valued partner and friend for more than 25 years”.

“The allegations against me are completely false and completely untrue,” Ms Sistley said.

Ms Sisiley said she will take her case to the U.S. Supreme Court. “

She’s been extremely uncooperative with my investigation, which was the reason why the Attorney general decided to bring charges.”

Ms Sisiley said she will take her case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“There are people in this country who have been abused, mistreated and exploited in all kinds of ways, and they have no place in this society,” she said.

She added that she is considering suing the Utah Attorney-Gen for breaching her client’s privacy.

The woman who moved into Mr Meesley’s apartment said she thought she would be able to stay there with her two children.

Ms Giambastiani said Ms Siskiley asked her to move out and the couple started dating a few months later.

She told the Guardian that after the alleged incident, Ms Sisoley went on to harass Ms Mergistian.

“We were very upset,” she told the newspaper.

“He called me a prostitute, called me all kinds a whore, and told me I had to marry him, and I was going to be his wife.”

Ms Gianniani said she contacted the Utah Department of Human Services and told them Ms Sismys conduct was unacceptable and they would investigate.

Ms Huggins told ABC News she contacted her local Human Services officer and was told the couple had to leave the apartment.

“If I had my way, he would be gone, because the law says property owners have the right to evict tenants,” Ms Higgins said.

Ms Igan said she called the Utah County Attorney’s Office and was also told the tenant was being evicted.

“They were very adamant that she be evictions and not evictions,” Ms Igannian said.

Utah County attorney, Dan Fowles, told ABC station KSL News that the state Attorney General did not have jurisdiction over the case because the property owner had not filed a complaint with the Attorney, but instead had contacted the county attorney.

“Because of the ongoing investigation, the Attorney Generals office is now investigating the matter and it is our goal to get the facts,” Mr Fowls said.

The property manager was not immediately available for comment.

“In all fairness to the lady who was harassed, I think it was just a misunderstanding,” Ms Moll, the landlord’s attorney, told the station.

“My client is very concerned about this and is very upset and upset by what she is being accused of.”

Ms Yager, the realtor, said the matter was brought to his attention after the woman complained to him about the alleged harassment.

“Obviously, when you get to know someone, you don’t expect it to be that bad,” he said.

Real estate agents are often called on to help people in need of help find homes, according to The Guardian.

It is believed the woman was the first person to