The real estate market is back to where it was last year, as prices surged, the Federal Reserve lowered its key interest rate, and President Donald Trump signed legislation aimed at making it easier for companies to fire workers.

Here’s a look at the most recent major news in the real estate sector.

Here are some key developments and news from around the country.1.

CMA Realtors say Trump’s move on hiring helped them, but it still hurts them.

The Association of American Realtor President, Bill Barrow, said his firm had been struggling to find buyers for properties, which he said had ballooned due to the increase in interest rates.

“This is really just a symptom of the problem we’re in,” Barrow said.

“There’s too much demand for properties and we can’t get those properties to the market.”

The real estate industry was in a tailspin after Trump announced in November he was opening a tax break for wealthy people who sell homes.

That move helped spark a wave of sales, but some investors were less thrilled about the tax break, with some worried that it could hurt the economy.

The tax break is set to expire in 2019.2.

Real estate prices rose more than 50% in January and February compared to the same month last year.

That was a strong sign that things are returning to normal, even if the recovery is just getting started.

The number of homes sold in February was up 40% from the same period last year and the total number of sales was up 33% from February last year compared to January, according to Zillow.3.

The U.S. economy added a record number of jobs last month, but there were more layoffs in March.

The Labor Department said April jobs added a total of 4.1 million, which was an increase of nearly 1.5 million jobs from the previous month.

The unemployment rate fell to 7.3% in April, the lowest level since February 2008.4.

The stock market hit a record high on Monday, rising by a stunning 21.8% to a record $2.3 trillion, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing 637.26 points, or nearly 9%.5.

The dollar was trading at 79.7 US cents, the highest level since November 2015, but lower than the last time it was this high.

The S&P 500 was up about 0.1% and the Nasdaq Composite was up 0.7%.

The S&amps were at their highest level in a year and now that Trump has been sworn in, they are likely to get even stronger.

The market has been rallying recently, as investors and policymakers see signs that Trump will continue to push the country in the right direction.

But that will not be enough to get us out of this slump.

The markets have also been doing well lately, thanks in part to Trump.

The president’s approval ratings have improved, and he has also done a good job of reassuring Americans that he will keep them safe.

The Federal Reserve has been easing its monetary policy, and the Fed is expected to increase its benchmark interest rate soon.