Posted May 16, 2018 05:53:25Australia is a country of high real estate prices, with an average price of $2.26 million per square metre.

This makes Australia a relatively cheap country to live in, but not an easy one to live anywhere else in the world.

We ranked Australia’s real estate based on factors like proximity, affordability and affordability in your own state, plus the relative ease of access.

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Real estateAustralia’s top 10 cities for housingAustralia’s biggest cities and biggest suburbsFor a quick look at the most affordable Australian suburbs, visit our infographic, where we’ve taken a look at how affordable each area of Australia is.

If you’re in a Sydney suburb, the best suburb in the city to buy is the Yarraville suburb.

The area is located in south-east Sydney and offers an average of $1,827 per square meter of rental accommodation, according to the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

You might be surprised by the average price in the rest of Australia, but Australia’s cities are often cheaper than in the big cities.

In fact, Australia’s largest cities average an average rent of $4,958 per square foot, while Sydney’s median rent is $1.4 million.

Here’s a look through the top 10 most affordable cities in Australia, sorted by affordability.

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The next best city to rent is Canberra, which averages $2,723 per square metres.

This means Sydney and Canberra are close to each other, so they’re in our top 10 best-ranked cities for living and working in Australia.

Australia’s most expensive suburbsTo find the most expensive real estate suburbs, we looked at each suburb’s median price.

We then compared the average rents for those suburbs to the average rental prices in Australia in a given month.

In other words, we compared the rental rates in different parts of the country, and calculated the rent per square kilometre.

In order to do this, we took the average rent for a three-bedroom flat in the suburbs and calculated it out as a percentage of the median rent.

The average price for a four-bedroom apartment was then calculated as a percent of the price of a five-bedroom, six-bedroom or seven-bedroom rental.

To do this we looked to see which of the suburbs was the cheapest.

The cheapest suburbs to rent were located in Sydney’s south-west and north-west, and were located within the inner suburbs.

The next three suburbs are located in the northern suburbs.

They have a median price of just under $1 per square centimetre, and are located within one hour’s drive of the CBD.

The most expensive suburb to rent was located in Perth’s north-east.

It was then sorted by the median rents, and each suburb was ranked by affordability and access to the suburb.

The most affordable suburbs for rentingAustralia’s cheapest suburbsFor comparison, here’s a closer look at Australia’s top 20 cities for rental accommodation.

You can also check out our list of the most popular real estate markets in Australia by clicking on the cities.

You’ll find the best Sydney suburbs for a walk-in, or take a private tour, on our Sydney tour guide.