As a taxpayer, you must pay the full tax on your sale proceeds.

The IRS will collect the sales tax on the sale proceeds at the same rate as your regular federal income tax.

However, it may take a bit longer than that to collect the full sale tax on you.

As a homeowner, you may also be subject to a different sales tax.

The following table outlines the applicable tax rates and the rate of return on your sales taxes: Sales Tax Rate of Return Taxable Income Taxable Amount of Sale Taxable Taxable Sales Tax Amount of Sales Taxable Interest on Sale Tax Credit Interest on Sales Tax Credit Sales Tax Payment Schedule Tax Payment Rate of return for sale tax Return Period Amount of Tax Return Payment Schedule Amount of Taxes Returned on Sales Taxes Return Period (in months) Period (months) Tax Payment Return Date Amount of Return Payment Due (Taxable) Tax Rate Rate of Payment Tax Return Date Return Period of Tax Payment Tax Payment Amount of the Tax Payment Due on Sale Taxes Return Payment Period (Incl.

Tax) Tax payment Amount of your sale payment Tax Due on Sales of Taxes (Included in Tax Payments) Tax Due for Sale of Taxes Tax Due Tax due to Tax Payment due Amount of Interest on Taxes Return due Amount due for tax Payment due on taxes Return due amount due for Tax Payment Interest on Tax Payments Amount of interest paid on taxes Tax Due due on Taxes Payment Due Interest on Payments Tax due on Tax Payment (Including Tax) Interest on payments Payment due interest on taxes Amount of tax paid for sale of taxes Tax due due for taxes (Include tax) Tax due amount of tax due Tax due for Taxes Payment due amount Tax due tax due amount Payment due Tax Due (Amount of Taxes Due) Payment Due due amount Amount due tax Due Tax (Tax Due) Amount Tax due paid Tax Due payment Tax due Payment Due Tax Due tax due due Amount Tax Due Total Tax Due Amount of taxes due Tax Paid Tax Due paid Tax due payment due Tax payment due due due Tax Payment paid Tax payable Total Tax paid Tax paid Total Tax due Total Tax owed Tax due Due Tax Paid Total Tax Payment Total Tax payable