The sandringhan family are selling their property, Sandringham House, to buy the property in the central West End.

The Sandringhan brothers, who own the property, will continue to live in the house.

The family is also selling the property on the south side of the Sandringamans, near their current home.

The estate has been vacant since the family moved out of their old home in the 1950s.

The house is owned by the Sandrodhams since the 1960s.

They bought it from the Sandridge family, a family of Irish-Australian farmers, in 1965.

The property is located at the intersection of Sandringhans Avenue and South Bend Road.

In December, the Sandridhams and the West End Improvement Company (WIC) agreed to lease the property for $1.6 million.WIC said in a statement it “was pleased to secure this significant opportunity to preserve and promote the area and to preserve this iconic property as a historic property”.

It said the agreement included the Sandrindhams paying $1 million for the property.

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