In a world where Bitcoin prices are going through the roof, a bitcoin is worth about $1.879, a few days after it hit $1 in a few hours, according to a new post on the Crypto Coins subreddit.

The post is titled “The Big Bang Theory” and it’s a reference to the television show.

The bitcoin price hit a high of $1 at the start of November and has since dropped to around $1 and a half.

However, it’s only $1 when you compare it to a lot of other coins.

Crypto Coins is a bitcoin exchange and a reference website for the cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Price chart below shows the latest BTC/USD and Bitcoin/USD pairs.

You can see that the Bitcoin price is heading down, but it’s still higher than the average price of other cryptocurrencies.

It also shows that the price of a bitcoin continues to rise even as its value declines.

The Reddit thread has the following message: “There is no way to predict the future, but with the current state of things, it seems unlikely that bitcoin prices will remain this way for much longer.

The best thing you can do right now is stay patient, and hope that the next big price increase will come sooner rather than later.”

The post says that the crypto-currency’s price is rising at an “incredible rate.”

A new thread on the subreddit describes the reason why the cryptocurrency’s value has surged.

Cryptocoin price charts via Bitcoin price chart via Shutterstock