A New Jersey property agent who lost her life in a car crash and was forced to live in a wheelchair, was never expected to survive, her family has told an inquest.

Key points:Michele Pernell, 51, died when she hit a curb on her way to work on November 10, 2017New Jersey realtor Michele Pernel died in a fiery crash in New Jersey on November 8, 2017The driver of the car, who had been driving for her, was not arrested but is facing multiple chargesMichella Pernle’s husband, Mike, told the hearing that the family was never told about the serious nature of his wife’s injuries.

The hearing heard that Ms Pernoll, 51 was headed home from a work trip when she was killed.

She was a real estate broker for a major New Jersey firm.

Her husband said the company had been in communication with her family for a few days but had never heard anything.

“We had been told to expect some kind of an emergency and that they were going to be at the hospital,” he said.

“But it was never communicated to us.”

Mr Pernelli said his wife did not have a cellphone and was not expected to walk.

“I thought it was something she had done,” he told the court.

“That she was going to go to the hospital.”

The couple said they received no update on Ms Parnell’s condition for two weeks.

“They never told us.

We never got any notification,” Mike Pernelle said.

A key witness at the inquest, who did not want to be named, told how the family had been left devastated by the death.

“It was devastating to them.

They were very worried about her,” the woman said.

She said Ms Pennell’s husband and daughter had been asked to attend a memorial service for her in their town.

“She had never been asked that,” she said.

Ms Pernles death has not been officially investigated by the New Jersey State Police, and it is unclear if a criminal investigation has been launched.