As a real estate sales specialist, you’ll be handling sales in most cities across the country.

You’ll need to know how to conduct interviews, take inventory, and make sure buyers and sellers are happy with the property.

If you’re looking to be a realtor, you need to be ready to do the same.

Here’s everything you need for this position.


Become a realtors broker in your state 1.1.

Learn about the different types of real estate You need to learn what types of properties are available in your area and the prices they’re selling for.

You need the information to know what types and prices to pay for a particular property and what to expect when the sales come in.

You can find this information on your state’s website.

You also need to have the knowledge to do background checks on prospective buyers.

You might be able to work in a sales office or broker’s office.

You’re looking for a position that can be full-time, part-time or casual.

The salary range is between $30,000 and $100,000.

You may have to train at least a year in the field.


Get a copy of the real estate laws in your jurisdiction You’ll have to understand how your state or city codes work, so you can understand how they apply to real estate.

You will need to read the law to learn about the real-estate laws and make a decision about whether to follow them.

You could be required to pay a fee for reading the laws.

If the law you need is so vague that you don’t know what it means, you may be able for the state to require you to be licensed.


Make sure your property is safe to use Before you start your sales job, you might want to check your property’s safety.

You should know how it’s stored, if you have locks on the doors, what to look for, and whether there’s any security cameras.

Your company will need a certificate of occupancy, and you’ll need the proper paperwork.

If it’s an apartment building, you should be familiar with the building’s regulations.


Apply for the Real Estate Sales License in your county 3.1-3.5.

Get the appropriate insurance If you want to work as a realty salesperson, you will need the insurance to work under.

Insurance companies can charge a fee to get the license.

You must pay for your own insurance.

Be sure to ask for a discount.

You do need to get a certificate to prove your insurance coverage.

You don’t have to get it every time you apply.


Get your application for the realtor license in your city 3.5-4: Apply to the city’s Department of Licensing 4.

Read the license to make sure it’s valid 4.1 Make sure the realtor has the required licenses to work on your property You should be able a check the license’s status on the department of licensing website.

Make the application and keep it with you on your phone.

If all goes well, the license will be approved.


Check the licenses to make certain you’re eligible for a real-tourist job You should have a valid driver’s license and a current social security number, plus any other necessary documents.

Make a copy for your family member.


Go to the realty broker office to check on your application 4.7.

Check on the license application to make a recommendation about the license You’ll get a recommendation letter and will be given a chance to explain why you should get the job.

If your recommendation is good, you can get the real license and the money for your home.


Check your application to get your license number 6.1 Get your license numbers 6.2 Make sure you have a phone number for your application 6.3 Write down the information you need when applying for your license 6.4 Call the realestate broker to check if your application is approved If you get your licenses, you get to work for your employer.

Your job will be a part- or full- time position.

You won’t be paid a salary, but you will receive benefits and you can apply for the insurance benefits as well.


Make your real estate license application 7.1 Apply for your realtor licenses in your local area 7.2 Get the real property inspector’s report If you’ve already applied for the licenses, your real-tor licenses should be ready for you.

They’ll need you to submit a written application, pay for it and sign it.

You have to provide the required paperwork to the inspector.

The inspector will contact you when the results come in and you will have to pay them back for the license fees.


Keep your license application in good order 7.9-10.

Make certain you keep the license numbers you received in the mail 7.