NEW YORK — U.A.E. President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who announced the creation of a federal fund to help build U.N. peacekeeping bases in South America, said Monday that Mexico has paid about $5 million toward the U.R.O. project and he hoped it would spur an agreement on the two countries’ share of a border wall.

The U.B.I., which oversees the U .

N. mission in Mexico, is expected to issue a decision soon on whether to issue the URA for the border wall, Zapateros office said.

The Mexican government says it has made a commitment to build the Ura for a U.M.E.-funded wall on the Urea-Agua Zarca River.

The agreement with U.U.

Z is aimed at protecting the sovereignty of the two nations and building a border barrier that would cut off illegal migration into the United States.

The pact also is expected have benefits for the U-N.

missions in South and Central America.

The money could be used for other projects, Zapaters office said, but did not provide any details.

Uruguay is also seeking the payment and Zapateri said Monday it was willing to contribute the money, but he would have to sign an agreement with his government to accept the funds.

The accord between the two sides comes as the U., a U .

S. ally, has been negotiating a new trade pact with other nations in the region.

It has not yet been announced whether it will include the U.-N.


The $5-million payment was the second of its kind in two months.

The U.P. government announced a $3-million grant last week to a U-P.

group to construct a border fence in southern Peru.

The United States, the world’s biggest exporter of grain, is in the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, which sets rules for the global pact that aims to prevent the spread of diseases like malaria, dengue and cholera.