(AP) For the first time since the recession, Biltmor Estate Hotel is closing the doors on its flagship property in the Florida Keys, the resort said Friday.

The company said it will keep operating on other properties at the property, including in the Orlando area.

Biltmore is a luxury hotel and spa company that opened in 1989 in the Biltimore area of Palm Beach County.

Its flagship property is now in the hands of the state, which imposed a plan in 2013 to save the hotel by limiting annual revenues to $2.4 billion.

The Biltmanes have faced a number of problems with their hotel and other properties in the resort.

Earlier this month, the company announced a $3.4 million upgrade to the Baitor Resorts Center, which has been shuttered since 2012.

The renovation will be financed with $1.8 million from the Bailiff’s Department of Development Services, according to a statement from the resort on Friday.