Toronto real estate investors are waiting for the condo boom to pick up, and they are excited to see what new condo developments are coming to their city.

Here are the top trends and where to buy in the city right now.1.

A new luxury condo tower coming to Toronto?

While new condo development is the latest buzzword to bring the new condo market to the fore, there are other new developments that are bringing new condo investors to the city.

The first to pop up is a new condo tower called The Gateway, which is coming to a condo complex near Union Station in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The Gateway is expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.

It will be the tallest building in the area and will be made of two separate buildings, which will be completed together.

It will include a restaurant, hotel, retail space, a sports and fitness centre, residential units and retail space for other tenants.

A portion of the tower will be used for parking.

It’s expected to bring up to 250 new condo units.

This tower is a major part of a larger trend in Toronto that is pushing condo development to the forefront.

According to data from Re/MAX, condo sales in Toronto dropped in 2018, down from a record high of 1.6 million units.

That’s due to a variety of reasons including a lack of inventory in the market, a sharp increase in demand and an increase in the number of condos being built.

The Gateway will be a landmark condo development in Toronto.

Its location in a downtown location with a large number of residents is a huge factor in the success of this project.

This is not to say there won’t be some condo developments in the coming years.

It just seems that this project is one of the biggest.2.

A brand new condo hotel coming to London?

London’s luxury hotel sector is expected in the next few years to expand in Canada.

According the National Association of Hoteliers, a brand new luxury hotel is planned to open in 2019 in the historic district of St James’s Square.

The project is a joint venture between French hospitality company Hotel du Ligne and London-based real estate firm M&G Group.

It is expected that the hotel will offer a unique experience, with a hotel with a rooftop pool and a restaurant.

The hotel will also feature a cinema, spa and fitness center, which are expected to generate $500 million in economic impact.

It is the third hotel project to be announced in London, following the $50 million Hotel du Lux in the City Centre area, and the $60 million Marriott Queen Elizabeth, the second largest hotel in the world.

It comes as luxury hotel occupancy is growing in London.3.

A luxury condo apartment building coming to Calgary?

With the recent launch of new condo buildings in Toronto, condo developers are excited for another wave of luxury condo development.

A recent report by RE/MAX found that the condo market in Calgary was expected to grow by 12% to 13% by 2019.

The market is expected be $30 million to $40 million higher than that in Toronto in 2019.

The tower at the top of the list is the $300 million apartment complex being built by M&M Group.

This new condo building will include about 25,000 units, which can be used as condominiums.

The building will be designed by HKS Architects, who previously designed the iconic M&T Bank Tower in Toronto and the CityPlace Tower in downtown Toronto, as well as the $100 million Royal Bank Tower.

The tower is expected for completion in 2019, and is expected not to have any construction delays.4.

A condo condo project in Miami?

There are a number of condo projects in the works in Miami that will have condo-specific amenities.

According RE/Max, the Miami condo market is forecast to grow 15% to 17% in 2019 over the next three years.

This will be partly driven by new condo projects that will include retail space and condos.

Miami’s condo market has been a hotbed of development over the past several years.

In the meantime, the city is still seeing a lot of condos going up.

The condo market continues to grow, and it’s not clear how much of a difference the condo industry will make in the condo city.5.

A Toronto condo tower is coming soon?

In 2018, there were nearly 8,000 condos in the Toronto real market.

The total number of new condos added in the real estate market in Canada over the last three years is estimated to be over 20,000.

This is a trend that is expected continue over the coming year.

RE/ MAX’s data shows that the average condo price in Toronto increased by 10% in the last 12 months, and by 10.4% in 2018.

That is a good sign for condo developers.6.

A big condo development near Union station?

In 2017, a condo development was announced in Toronto near Union Street Station, and