The world will be stunned to hear the name of the most expensive wine vineyard in Vermonters history, according to a recent study.

The estate for decades, the Wolffer Estate Vineyard, is in West Vermont and is owned by the Wolff family.

The Wolff Estate Vineyards vineyard, located at 1620 West Vermonter Road, was purchased by the family in 2001.

The wine is grown on the property, which was previously known as the B.L.C. Farm, and the family has grown and grown.

In 2010, the family decided to buy a parcel in the vineyard.

“It’s an incredible place, and we were excited to get it in the hands of the Wolfers,” said the owner of the vineyards estate, Kevin Wolff.

The Wills purchased the property in 2001 for $2.5 million.

“We’ve had no problem getting it in their hands,” said Wolff, who has been involved with the estate since 2004.

“The Wolfners really do love the vine and the vine is a family owned property and they really want to be involved.”

Wolff said the Wolfs have been involved in the wine business for years.

“They have been buying, selling, and renting for a long time,” Wolff added.

“Now, they want to grow and support the family and make sure it’s safe for the children.

We’ve always had a relationship with them, so we really like that relationship.”

The Wolfs said that they have been working on developing their vineyard for years and have invested heavily in the area.

“That vineyard will be a part of the family, and it’s a beautiful place,” Wolford said.

“And they’re going to grow it in a way that will be sustainable.”

The estate is expected to produce up to 1,200 barrels a year.

The property also has an indoor swimming pool and playground.

The vineyard has been in the family since 1904 and is considered one of the best in the country.

“This is the most important vineyard,” Wolf said.

Wolff told the Albuquerque Journal that the Wolflers are excited about the vine.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful farm and a beautiful vineyard on your doorstep.

That’s what makes Vermont great,” Wolfer said.

The wines at the Wolftes vineyard are hand-picked and made in-house by the vine, according the newspaper.

The family has not yet released the names of the wines.

The Vermont Times-News said that the wine is expected for a 2014 release.