DALLAS — Cedar Lake Estate’s legacy real estate in Dallas will reach $150 million, a deal it signed with a major investor that has long been one of the Dallas area’s most prominent real estate firms.

The deal includes a $15 million loan from the Dallas Development Corp. and $12 million from the U.S. government.

Cedars Land Development, which has offices in Dallas and Dallas-Fort Worth, is one of Dallas’ largest real estate companies.

Its portfolio includes three properties in Dallas-Ft.

Worth, and the properties are worth at least $60 million, according to Dallas real estate firm CTL Advisors. 

Cedarc’s legacy properties include the former Dallas Center and the former Texas State Capitol. 

Its legacy properties are also among the most well-known in Dallas, including a two-story building that was built in the 1970s and has been described as a “boutique building.”

The historic Capitol is home to the U of T, which the UofT College of Law and the University of Texas.

The Capitol’s former home is now the North Texas State Historical Museum.

The former Texas Capitol, located at 6th and Congress Streets, is the site of an architectural marvel.

The building was designed by Robert F. Seabury and completed in 1925.

It was designed as a grand theater with a grand central courtyard, a dining room and a bar.

The museum currently houses several artifacts from the building.CEDAR LAKES REAL ESTATE is a subsidiary of Dallas real-estate firm Edelman and is affiliated with Edelman Partners. 

The Dallas realtor is not associated with the company.