A house in Alabama is on the market for more than $1.2 million, according to an auction listing on GoFundMe.

The listing, which was created by Aliexpress.com, lists an estimated $1,085,000 in current value for the house.

The house is located in Alford, Alabama.

The owner, an African American woman named Mabel Williams, told AL.com that the house has been a passion of hers for several years.

She said she wanted to own a home that would represent her and her family.

Williams said that she has been on the hunt for a house in her hometown of Birmingham for more years than she could remember.

She has always wanted a house that would reflect her family’s roots, her father said in a statement to AL. com.

Williams, who is of Nigerian descent, and her husband have been raising their two children and four grandchildren, the couple said.

She said she has wanted to move to Alabama to raise her family for many years, but she has never owned a home in the state before.

Williams also said that the property is not in good condition, and she has no idea if the sale is for a substantial amount.

The buyer on the listing has not been identified.