LAS VEGAS — The Trump Administration will review $21.5 billion in HUD grants and funds to help communities struggling with homelessness, according to a budget document released Tuesday by President Donald Trump’s Office of Management and Budget.

The budget document, obtained by The Associated Press, lays out Trump’s plans for the Trump administration’s fiscal 2018 budget.

It calls for the elimination of a slew of HUD programs, including Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants to help low-income households and renters in low- and moderate-income communities.

The Trump administration also plans to remove $8.5 million in grants to the Housing and Community Development Block Grant Program, which has been a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign promise to provide grants to local governments for affordable housing.

HUD’s block grant program is administered by the Department of Housing and Rural Development (HRC).

The Trump budget does not specify what HUD funds would be cut from the block grant or the changes to the program.

The proposal would also eliminate a $500 million funding commitment to help rural cities.

The block grant is administered jointly by the Treasury and HUD.

Housing and Urban Devolution, a joint office of the Treasury Department and HUD, is the federal agency that administers HUD’s housing programs.

The document also says the Trump budget would eliminate the Community Development Finance Corporation (CDFC) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to reduce the federal share of the costs of flood insurance programs.

The CDFC, which manages federal flood insurance funds, was established in 1996 to help states manage the costs for flood insurance payments.

The NFIP was created in 1998 to help federally funded insurance programs in states that had not yet been covered by federal flood flood insurance.

The White House released the document at a time when Trump has repeatedly called for reducing federal spending.

In August, Trump announced that he would eliminate HUD’s Office on Homelessness and Poverty, which he has called “out of control.”

In November, Trump also said that HUD and the Department, which oversees the nation’s largest charities, were “not doing their job.”

The White House had not responded to requests for comment.

The president has been criticized for his rhetoric and budget cuts, particularly for his proposed $1.9 trillion cut to the Department for Housing and Development.

The $200 billion budget would be a substantial decrease from Trump’s first proposal, released in May, which would have slashed HUD’s budget by 20 percent.

Trump’s budget would also include the elimination and restructuring of other federal agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which oversees disaster relief and recovery.

The Office of Emergency Management, a division of FEMA, would also be eliminated, according the budget document.

The move would also mean the elimination, in 2018, of the Office of the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

The agency administers the nation “for the safety, health, and well-being of individuals, households, and businesses,” the document states.