Real Estate is a big business in Portugal, and in 2017 it grew faster than in any other country.

The Portuguese real estate market is now worth more than the national GDP, and Portugal is the top destination for foreign buyers, according to the latest figures from RealtyTrac.

It is a market where the number of homes being sold has doubled in just a few years.

“The Portuguese are very interested in real estate.

It has become their second home,” says Jorge Pascual, a property agent based in the city of Lisbon.

He says that in recent years, Portugal has been the best place in Europe for buyers.

“There is very much interest from buyers, and there is no real shortage of them,” he says.

Pascul says that his clients tend to be young, affluent families who are looking for a place that is not too expensive, and the houses that are available are usually on a steep rise.

Real estate prices have risen by more than 70 percent over the past 10 years, while house prices have decreased by 25 percent.

Portugal has become the largest country in Europe in terms of the number and type of properties that are being sold.

Portugal is also the most expensive country in the world to buy real estate in terms, according, according Realty Trac.

“It’s not easy to find a property in Portugal that is cheap and attractive,” says Pascu.

“We have seen an increasing number of people wanting to buy properties, so they are getting more and more interested in the market,” he adds.

It may be that the rise in the number, and type, of properties being sold is because of the country’s current economic crisis, which has seen its real estate prices plummet.

“Real estate prices are rising, and it is difficult to find any houses that have been built on the ground that are affordable for people who can afford to buy them,” says Paulo Pires, a real estate agent based near Lisbon.

“They are not being built on an industrial site like in other countries,” he explains.

Paulo Pims is also one of the owners of a large house in the town of Avila that was purchased by a Portuguese man, but the buyer is no longer there.

Pires says that the owner of the house is now renting it out to other buyers.

Real Estate agents believe that the government is taking the wrong steps in the process of increasing the supply of houses in Portugal.

“I would like to see the government step up the supply in Portugal and make the country more affordable,” says José de Paula, an economist at the European Institute for Economic Research (EIBER).

“The real estate agents I spoke to said that the country is very overvalued,” he continues.

Portugal currently ranks last on the list of countries in terms.

In the past year, there have been three major economic crises in Portugal: the European financial crisis, the economic crisis in Greece, and a financial crisis in the United States.

Real property prices are up by a lot in Portugal over the last few years, but there are many people who don’t think the real estate crisis has brought the country down.

“People have been able to enjoy this new era in Portugal,” says Jose.

“With all the economic growth, people have had a lot of money,” he remarks.

In addition to being able to buy houses, some people also want to sell them.

“In some cities, people are selling their houses.

It’s quite common in other parts of Europe, but it’s very unusual here in Portugal.”

“In Portugal, it’s not so easy to sell real estate,” says Marcelo, a Portuguese realtor based in Lisbon.

Marcelo says that many people have moved from one town to another because of problems with the economy, such as unemployment and a lack of jobs.

“This has caused a lot more problems for many people,” he states.

Marcelos real estate firm is currently selling his house in Porto Alegre, and he says that he plans to sell it next month.

In Porto, the countrys capital, people who want to start selling their homes are allowed to do so only if they can pay a deposit.

That means that it is very difficult to sell houses in Portos capital.

“A lot of people who wanted to sell are not able to do that,” says Juan Carlos, another realtor in Portofino.

Juan Carlos says that there are not many sellers.

“Most of the people who have bought houses are people who live in their homes for a long time.

It depends on the situation in the country, but many people are not happy with the situation,” he points out.

“But in Portugal there are plenty of buyers,” says Pedro, a broker based in Portobelo, another Portuguese city.

Pedro says that most of his clients are young people who are attracted by the country s recent economic growth.

“Portugal is in a good position.

It will take some time to bring prices back