Real estate mogul Frank Wolff has announced his plans to build a brand-new theme park in the heart of Denman Estate, the largest estate in the United Kingdom, in a bid to revive the estate’s reputation as an architectural gem. 

“I’m looking forward to the first week of August, when the park will open, as the best thing that could have happened for the Denman estate, but I’m going to put in the effort and make sure that the park has the best possible atmosphere for the visitors,” Wolff said in a statement to The Jerusalem Times. 

The project will see a new “Park of Denmans,” featuring a replica of the Denmans house on the estate, as well as a restaurant and retail space. 

Wolff also plans to open a “denman” cafe, offering coffee and cakes made from local ingredients. 

It is the latest in a series of new projects in the West Bank, and the first since the establishment of a new Palestinian state, the West Bank state of Palestine, in November. 

As part of its push to reclaim the land and become a symbol of the state’s promise to return to a future of prosperity, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has launched an ambitious plan to erect a park on the West Wall, in order to commemorate the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation. 

In December, the Palestinian Authority released a report claiming the project would have the capacity to attract 1.7 million visitors annually. 

A number of other new parks and other tourist attractions are also being planned in the region. 

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Park of Denmens will be the first to include a replica of an ancient village on the grounds, as it would mark the start of the park’s expansion. 

Meanwhile, a brand new park will be built on the grounds of the Wolff Estate, in the shadow of the old Wolves Manor house, which is presently under construction. 

This new development is designed to showcase the Wolsman Estate’s distinctive architectural style, with an extensive programme of cultural activities planned for the park. 

There is also a brand new restaurant on offer for the guests, which will include fancy and traditional meals. 

Despite the park being planned in the West Banks, Wolff will be hosting an official visit to the park for a special conference on the theme park’s development in the coming weeks. 

For more information on the Denman estate park visit the Jerusalem Post’s website.